This website is meant as a point on which all family members can expand their knowledge about the family and can exchange information.

Furthermore you can learn about the different articles which are written about Vreugdenhils. And you can read the family magazine ‘Vreugdeschakel’ (translation: chain between Vreugdenhils). The main purpose of this site is to keep the family-tree as updated as possible and the website therefore contains different forms to give you the opportunity to inform us about changes in your personal life. We can only update this site with your help.

We herewith ask you to send us as much information about births, deaths, marriages, movings, newspaper or magazine articles and other family information by mail of by e-mail.

We feel free to tell you that this website costs money and we therefore give you also the opportunity to donate if you want to.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and wish you a good time on our website.