20 Years Vreugdenhil Family Foundation

Aat Vreugdenhil Secretaris familiestichting Vreugdenhil
Aat Vreugdenhil, Secretaris familiestichting Vreugdenhil

The death of his mother, Anna Jacomina Vreugdenhil (branch 0), prompted Koos Verhuist to start the genealogy of the Vreugdenhil family in 1980. One year later, the undersigned started filling in the data for branch C of the family tree following the death of Jacob Marien Vreugdenhil, an uncle of his father, and later added data from the civil registry of De Lier, Schipluiden, and Maasland. Through Jan Vreugdenhil (branch J) from Naaldwijk, he got in touch with Maarten Vreugdenhil (branch K) from Dieren, who subsequently introduced him to Koos Verhuist.

On April 15, 2013, it was twenty years ago that our family foundation was established. Secretary Aat Vreugdenhil presents all relevant facts before and since this date in the attached columns for you.

To make the financing of the genealogy research successful, Maarten, together with Barend Jan (branch 0) and Daan (branch B), established a family foundation on April 15, 1983. The undersigned joined the foundation board one year later. Dirk Vreugdenhil (branch N), our current chairman, joined the board in 1987. A year later, Maarten decided to apply his tireless efforts to other purposes. Jaap (J.P.C.) Vreugdenhil (branch K) served as treasurer for the next 12.5 years.

Tom Vreugdenhil (branch 0) also devoted himself with great zeal to the family foundation for 12.5 years. Thanks to him, the immense collection of books or articles written by Vreugdenhills has been charted. He also introduced the website of the family foundation. In the meantime, Martijn (branch E) has enhanced this website by including the family tree, among other things. Perhaps the library data will also be included in the future.

Digital communication currently seems to yield more response. But without the Vreugdeschakel, our communication medium from the very beginning, we cannot and do not want to operate for the time being. Meanwhile, this magazine has appeared 53 times. Since 1989, Jaap Vreugdenhil (branch K) has been the driving force behind it. For many years, his niece Loes van Dalen-Vreugdenhil has been responsible for the final editing and design of the magazine, and she is still involved.

Another form of communication has been the four family reunions held so far, which were led by Job Vreugdenhil (branch N). The first, in 1985, focused on the just-released family book. During the second reunion in 1990, various hobbies of namesakes and visits to companies of Vreugdenhills were central. In 1995, the family reunion

focused on visits to the Fort in Hoek van Holland and the Westland Regional Museum. During the last meeting in 2000, we combined history (Vreuchdenhilsche Boomgaard Laentje and photos) with the present (digital version of the family tree).

Perhaps the next reunion will be held on the North American continent. Since 1987, we have been eagerly searching for descendants of the Vreugdenhil family, who emigrated to that continent in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In 1997, part of that search was filled thanks to the work of Wijnand van der Schee (branch K) from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Perhaps these descendants are just as enthusiastic about our family tree book as their Dutch namesakes were during the first reunion. Thanks to this book and research conducted by the undersigned, a family crest has been established. With the family crest as an emblem, the board has subsequently had embroidery patterns, mugs, Delft blue plates, neckties, and ballpoint pens produced. In 2000, a partial enlargement of the Vreuchdenhilse Boomgaartlaentje, a part of the family’s origin, was released.

In addition to the aforementioned individuals, the board thanks the many volunteers who have selflessly and sometimes without compliments dedicated themselves to the family foundation, whether for a long time or not. What we will do in the future depends in part on your opinion. We therefore look forward to receiving your reactions on this matter.

On behalf of the board,
Aat Vreugdenhil,