Sandra Vreugdenhil calls for more female truckers

Sandra Vreugdenhil
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Foto: Sandra Vreugdenhil

The Netherlands, and in particular the Westland area, include more and more female truckers. Which is lucky, because the transport-community can really use girls who can drive. We can call female trucker Sandra a true ambassador and living business card for Renewi. This Westlandian is very enthusiastic about her work, her employer, and recommands everyone looking for a career-switch to join the transport branch.

Sandra has been working in the transport branch for a while. She made the choice after quitting the hospitality industry. Now she works for Renewi, a company for which she picks up building waste at clients. Sandra: “Renewi is a very professional, and embracing company. Safety is paramount, which a very logical considering the heavy trucks and heavy rubbish we pick up. There’s a great bond between drivers, we often socialize during breaks. You can say I drive around in circles, usually in the Westland area, so you always meet colleagues and other people you know. And that’s a lot of fun.”

“It’s a great career and I can combine it very well with my family-life. More and more women choose to start a trucking-career. In the past trucking was seen as a difficult job, strictly done by men, which resulted in no female drivers for a very long time. Luckily, in the last few years, this antiquated view of the career has started to disappear.”