Tamara Vreugdenhil: ‘TipvanTam’ podcast-creator

Tamara Vreugdenhil
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After 12 years of salaried employment Tamara Vreugdenhil became a podcast-creator: “This is really fun to do!” Tamara creates podcasts with which she wants to inspire others to make their dreams come true. In her podcast ‘TipvanTam’ she interviews entrepreneurs from Delft who really love what they do. In her podcast Tamara asks them which steps they took to get where they are now.

A new challenge
“I’m very proud of everyone who’s comfortable enough to share their personal story with me.” Tamara herself chose to change jobs multiple times because they simply no longer suited her. The first time was after a burn-out when she was just 21: “When you’re in the middle of a burn-out it absolutely stinks, it’s a tough time. But looking back now it’s proven to be a gift, because you know you’ve got to change something.”

She quite her job as makeup artist and chose to switch to working in a daycare where she developed herself as a children’s coach. But after 12 years it was time for a new challenge. “I gave myself two months to figure out what I did want to do.”

From coach to podcast-creator
Tamara decided to start coaching people to chase their dreams. “I think it’s poignant that so many stick to a job or situation in which they don’t feel good, but don’t dare to change because of their financial situation, or they might be scared for the reactions of those around them. I wanted to show them in a fun way that change isn’t so bad.

You don’t have to quit your job straight away, there are many more possibilities.” Creating the podcast was something that came from this very naturally and it stuck: “I love doing this! For me, over time, the puzzle became complete.”

Google as my best friend
|Tamara taught herself how to create podcasts. “Google was my best friend and I’ve watched loads of YouTube videos. Those first few episodes sometimes took me weeks to edit.” By now she has invested in professional sound equipment and she’s become a lot faster with editing. Aside from her own ‘TipvanTam’ podcast she now creates podcasts on order for other companies. “It’s very varied. I talk to a lot of people from different branches: sports to technical stuff, and from politics to daycare.”

“I really like this!”

Biggest blooper while talking to the Mayor
In the past year Tamara uploaded an episode of her ‘TipvanTam’ podcast each week. There’s now a total of 52 podcasts with entrepreneurs from Delft that you can listen to. The first podcasts included Loes of the LA Dansstudio, Daan of De Centrale, Judith of Lakila, and Kim of Hanno. “These first podcasts I’ll always remember,” In the last podcast she spoke to Mayor Marja van Bijsterveld. Tamara will never forget this conversation, because it happens to contain her biggest blooper. “The power cable of the recording equipment got loose and we had to re-do the first 15 minutes. I was so embarrassed! Luckily the Mayor was very chill about it all.”

Podcast reactions
“With the podcasts I primarily create content, I don’t really know who listens. Sometimes someone hails me in the supermarket, and a while ago my son’s teacher said she’d listened. It’s fun, but also can be awkward: people have recognized me from my voice. For example, once I biked my kids to school while chatting, and someone who passed us recognized my voice. Very funny.”

‘TimvanTam’ goes beyond the border of Delft
|Now that there are 52 episodes with entrepreneurs from Delft online the year has been completed and Tamara looks forward to the next year. “With the podcasts on order I’ll continue like I am now. But with ‘TipvanTam’ I’d like to expand to a 2.0 version in which I want to interview inspiring entrepreneurs from outside the Delft city-limits. Because occasionally I encounter people who aren’t from Delft of whom I sometimes think: ‘How amazing would it be to have you on my podcast.

‘” Curious for the ‘TipvanTam’ podcast? You can listen to all the episodes on SoundCloud, Spotify, and iTunes.