Bram and Els Vreugdenhil provide aid shipments to the Ukrainian sister city of Beregsász

Mayor Edo Haan (left) presented the symbolic check of 25,000 euros to Bram and Els Vreugdenhil (2nd and 3rd left) of the AK Foundation. Two other volunteers were also present.
Bram Vreugdenhil
Genealogiecode: K XI bl
Door: Chrit Wilshaus
Foto: Roel Dijkstra Fotografie

Together with his wife Els and two other volunteers, Bram Vreugdenhil from the AK Foundation (Christmas Greetings Action) left in the early morning, while it was still dark, to the Ukrainian city of Beregsász, a twin city of Maassluis, with (medical) aid supplies and 25,000 euros to buy stoves and other items.

Wood stoves
The poor in Ukraine fear the cold winter. Our focus is not only on food, but also on a ‘cheap’ fuel for heating and cooking. We chose wood briquettes because of the benefits, convenient packaging, and quick delivery. With the destruction of many power plants, even electric heat sources can hardly be used, making it increasingly problematic to keep the frost out. All produced electricity is distributed throughout the country. This means that electricity must also be used sparingly in Beregszász. Moreover, power failures must be taken into account at all times.

The municipality of Maassluis has pledged a donation of 25,000 euros to its Ukrainian twin municipality for the purchase of a large number of wood stoves for the poorest people in the city who need a stove. A grand gesture!

Doubling of donations
In addition, the municipality of Maassluis has pledged to double every donation to the AK Foundation up to a maximum of 25,000 euros. Town hall employees also donated 500 euros. Mayor Edo Haan presented the symbolic cheque last Friday evening. The money is urgently needed in war-torn Ukraine to buy not only food but also briquettes, which are essential given the Russian attacks on the country’s energy supply. The AK Foundation will also use the funds to purchase stoves for people who do not have one (anymore). All of this is in the hope of providing a little warmth during these dark times for Ukraine in multiple ways.