Käthe Dingerdis – Vreugdenhil has painting as a hobby

Kathe Dingerdis – Vreugdenhil
Genealogiecode: M IX e.8
Door: Käthe Dingerdis – Vreugdenhil
Bron: Kunsthobby.nl
Foto: Käthe Dingerdis – Vreugdenhil

On my website kunsthobby.nl I want to show everyone that you can grown in your hobby. Painting is something you can learn! Before I started painting I didn’t have a clue about any of it and only started to gain some knowledge and experience during a course in watercolours. It is fun and relaxing to create something new. Plus it is very important to just have fun.

“You can learn to paint and
that goes for everybody!!”

My paintings are also for sale and I paint on commission. Also portraits in oil paint. Sometimes there are exhibitions in the Plantion or other places. I also make frames for paintings in any desired color and size. Since a few years I have also been at art fairs and cards of my paintings are also for sale to send. You can also follow a course with me in different techniques and I give workshops. My studio is located in Lunteren, The Netherlands.

If you are interested or would like to know more, please feel free to contact me via kunsthobby.nl.