Ineke Vreugdenhil ensures nuns


It’s rush hour at clothing rental into the dress in Honselersdijk. Of the 5,000 costumes available, there are recent days in 1500 picked up for Carnival. The clothing rental and organizer based in Westland (Honselersdijk). They hire more than 10 years with great success in the Westland clothing and beyond. It is there throughout the year party, not just Carnival.

Ineke Vreugdenhil governs with partner Ariette Silvius popular company. They are the busiest days of the year. Monks, nuns and ghosts do well, there is almost no costume more available.

Despite the economic crisis – or perhaps even because of – makes the company “into the dress” the busiest carnival ever. The two-storey business on the industrial Honsel South these days is still open for the last carnival suits. Fortunately, there is still plenty of choice. Grown in kledingverhuur but now they also have several related items for theme parties such as decoration, balloons etc. Besides renting clothing and related items, you can also find at various sale items.